Peru Travel Tips

Peru Travel Tips

Peru Travel Tips, the best travel tips to come to Peru, and visit the tourist attractions safely in Cusco and Peru

  • When you leave your lodging, ask for details about accessibility, opening hours and best routes to take, Peru Tourist Information is important at the hotels. Your hotel has the obligation to receive messages for you and look after your well-being, .
  • Always take with you the name address and telephone number of your hotel.
  • This is useful data for easily finding your way back.
  • If you go out after dark its recommend that you do so with a companion's.
  • If you are walking around alone, be vigilant, don't get distracted and avoid any strangers that approach you. If you wish to ask about something, approach a person of confidence such as police officer or a commercial establishment. Do not walk along dark, quiet streets at night
  • Some streets lack illumination and police protection.
  • When visiting Archaeological sites outside the city, keep yo authorized and well travelled paths and only during visiting hours.
  • Opening hours at tourist attractions are fixed and subject to regulations.
  • If you take a taxi, take note of the licensed plate and if convenient advise the hotel reception.
  • Authorized taxis are identified by black and yellow chessboards, on the sides of the vehicle and by a polygonal yellow sticker on the windshield.
  • Never contract a tour or other tourist services in the street, always use an authorized travel agent.
  • There are unauthorized individuals that offer excursions, tours, transport, hotels, restaurants, airline tickets, dance and other Peru Festivities. A list of legitimate travel agents may be obtained at our tourist information offices.
  • Make sure you get a receipt (Boleta de Venta o Factura) detailling the services you have paid for, if paying in Peruvian currency (soles), pay at the exchange rate of the authorized agency.
  • You should receive a detailed document indicating exactly what you have paid for, this is important to assure you receive what you pay for.
  • Always take care of your personal belongings in public and crowded places like plazas, markets, bus station and airports.
  • Due to the covid 19 pandemic, in Peru, it is mandatory to wear a mask, to get on the train to Machu Picchu to the bus to Machu Picchu, it is mandatory to wear the mask.

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